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Learning the Trade


Family Owned & Operated.

The Hughes family is building our business from the ground up.

What started as a strong passion for bringing the life back into cars, is now growing our legacy. Andrew has over 18 years experience in restorations, detailing, body work, PDR, and paint correction. His first job out of high school was working for General Motors on the paint line for the Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice and Opal vehicles. He worked as a body tech for years, with his main experience in a collision and restoration shop who specialized in classic cars. Since moving to Virginia, he continued to work in the automotive field while prepping to launch our business. His favorite mantra is “Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life”.

Tommy is the first employee and right hand man of Parkway. Tommy and Andrew have a work history together in the detail and automotive field. He came on to learn with us over the past year and has quickly become our go-to guy for getting the job done. When Tommy isn't at the shop, he is a dad, a husband, and is following his passion for music.

To check out his work, click --> BSE BROKEBOY.







Supporting Staff

Briar is happy eight year old, loves horses as well as fast cars. Since the age of two, she always yells “GO FAST DADDY” in the car. She is a dare devil who loves pointing out “pretty” cars and enjoys helping us maintain our rides. We are hopeful she will learn the trade in the future, but for now, she is focusing on starting school, playing with her friends, horseback riding, and having fun with her pets

Sarah, handles incoming calls, marketing, and customer service. She works full time as an office manager for Dock Solutions, another locally owned small business, but runs Parkway as well. So if you have a dock or a boat, you may run into her at multiple businesses. She has a passion for seeing both businesses grow.








Virginia has been our home for just about three years now, and we love the community that we are raising our daughter in. We are so thankful to be surrounded by friendly people, beautiful scenery, and amazing opportunities. When we are not working, we enjoy kayaking on the lake, hiking, camping, and of course, driving our favorite stretch of road, The Parkway.



The Hughes Est. 2013

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